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Stuff I Like

A piece composed of everything I love. Made In Adobe Illustrator.


I Did this for a very good friend of mine. Created in Adobe Illustrator

Angry Hipster

Something I made that won a contest in Pontiac, MI. I learned a lot making this one. It also turned heads. A lot. Made in Adobe Illustrator.

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A poster that explains rock in a nutshell. Part of a collection called Musical Posters. Made in Adobe Illustrator.

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Originally entered into Starbucks Frappuccino© Challenge. I didn't win, but this picture taught me a lot about raster and vector compositions. Made in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

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An eye that I did originally for a musical cover. They never used it, but I love what this taught me. Made in Adobe Illustrator.


This is a picture of me expressing myself creatively, hence the title. Made in Adobe Illustrator.

Pain! Or Love?

I created this when I was in a dark time. I made it in hopes to release the negative energy I had at the time. Made in Adobe Illustrator.

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This was designed like an ad because I wanted to learn ad copy. Plus I love CONVERSE© and wanted to put a different spin on their shoe. Made in Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator

Tokyo Graffiti City

I'm heavily inspired by Japanese culture. The writing, the words, the cars, and the anime. I decided to create something abstract that represents most of these things. Designed in Adobe Illustrator.

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Stuntin' Bumble Bees

I saw a pic of my friends shoes and I IMMEDIATELY had to vector it. This is the outcome. Created in Adobe Illustrator.

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Hawaiian Style

I wanted to dive in a different style and lifestyle. I did a bit of research and this is what I came up with. Made in Adobe Illustrator.

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Afro Pop Curls

This was originally a scrap piece I did for a client. I saw it and had a bit of inspiration so I did what any artist would do. Created in Adobe Illustrator.

Got Love 4 Rock

My internet friend Kiki was awesome enough to let me vector a picture of her. I learned a few new things and pushed myself a bit further. Created in Adobe illustrator.

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The Urban Life

This is my representation of what urban means to me. I also got to play around with perspective, so that was fun. Made in Adobe Illustrator.

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A Fine Sight

Here's something I did in collaboration with my daughter. She picked the colors, I Did the design. Made in Adobe Illustrator and Affinity Designer


A piece I did in 2016. Wanted to go with a GTA style.

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