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Logo Case Study

Tia Vernee

Helping People find Strength in Themselves


My job here was to create a design that represented a bold, elegant, and knowledgeable stature. From the beginning, the client wanted me to incorporate an elephant into the design. I thought this was an amazing idea due to specifications she originally gave me. Taking this into account, we went to work by posing the elephant in different positions, and figuring out which worked best. Once we got to a final monogram for the logo, I started picking fonts that paired well with it. I implemented some final changes to the font and smoothed out any extra visuals. 


Affinity Designer
Vector Design Tool


To create a logo that represented bold, elegant, and knowledgeable properties


I sketched the logo out first to get some concepts. Once we got some sketches we liked, I started to refine the logo. Then we went on to text and smoothed out the design. 

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