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Logo Case Study


Scalable Graphic Design Service


During my time as a graphic designer, I have been struggling to find a service that helps graphic designers and clients together for an affordable price. What that entails is a lot. I wanted to create something that was subscription-based and amazing for clients and designers. Something that had everything the client needed. A place where you get a dedicated designer and work on projects with it. The brand's idea was to show that we work like crazy, but efficiently. That's why I decided to use a beaver and a bee for the representation of this brand. After going through a lot of trials, BeaverBee was born. The brand uses the colors #6b3e23, #331e0f, #ffc100, #0091e2, and #000000


Affinity Designer
Vector Design Tool


Create a logo for the scalable subscription graphic design service that represents it's focus


I created the brand from scratch. I had to come up with a name that best suited the company

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