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Brand Case Study

Cedar Rhapsody School of Music

Music school in Cedar Rapids, IA


This school gives your child a focused, personalized and enjoyable learning experience for a lifelong musical journey. My job was to create a brand that resonated with the client, and appealed to the children of the school. I designed the logo and the website while James Welbes put the site on WordPress.


Affinity Designer
Vector Design Tool
Web Framework
Bootstrap Studio
Web Design Tool
Content Management System


To create a brand that appeals to her clients and the children associated with the school


I sourced many ideas from Dribbble, and did a bunch of research on what appealed to certain kids. Essentially, this was what she liked and came up with. We got the website done soon after. The website was designed in Affinity Designer and built using Bootstrap Studio. James Welbes took that code and put it on WordPress for her

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