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Brand Case Study

Rina Jensen

Business Resiliency Coach


Rina Jensen is a business resiliency coach dedicated to helping you unlearn all of the things in your past and relearn new things to help you become more resilient in your business. My job and task was to create a website for her built on WordPress, so she could easily manage and sell her products online while maintaining a good SEO score.

I also created her brand around the aspect of brain psychology and the way the brain works. Her logo is an embodiment of what she does and who she is. 


Adobe Illustrator
Vector Design Tool
Affinity Designer
Vector Design Tool
Bootstrap Studio
Web Design Tool
Content Management System


To create a website from scratch using my normal tools and build it in WordPress while having full manageability of the entire theme. To create a logo representing resiliency and how the brain works. 


Designed in Bootstrap Studio, built on WordPress and the Kirki Framework. Designed In Adobe Illustrator and Affinity Designer

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