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Brand Case Study

Pashionable Interiors

Interior Design


I was tasked to create something that represented flair, individuality, and duality between commercial and residential interior design. While this was a hard task to achieve, I found that going the text/shape route was the best bet to keep things elegant and professional. My time with this project proved that I could read into a client's vibe and representation. It also proved that I could represent those qualities in a sound, elegant and profound way.  I truly had fun in representing this interior designer. She had a clear and concise style she was going for and I nailed it in the first few revisions.


Affinity Designer
Vector Design Tool
Bootstrap Studio
Web Design Tool
Content Management System


To create a brand that represented elegance, professionalism and individuality


I started with the logo first, them moved to the web design, slowly creating everything until it had the vibe she wanted. Once the design was done, I built the website in Bootstrap Studio and October CMS

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