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Brand Case Study

Community Law Office

Law Firm


Community Law Office is an law firm in the Czech Village area in Cedar Rapids, IA. They specialize in discriminatory & civil rights law. We wanted to make sure that he was not the face, but more so the person behind the firm. Ben made it clear that he wanted to help BIPOC (Black and Indigenous People of Color) by making sure they are clearly represented in law. My job was to make this brand appealable to those people and to make sure it represented him.


Affinity Designer
Vector Design Tool
Web Framework
Bootstrap Studio
Web Design Tool
Content Management System


To build a brand from scratch that represented his firm, and appealed to his clients.


I originally sketched out a bunch of different designs. Once I got them to him, he originally didn't like it. After some refinement, we started to get something that he liked a lot. Once the logo was finalized, we based the colors of the site around the logo. The color palette worked really well together. The look and feel of the website was heavily based on a "clean cut" aspect. 

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