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Brand Case Study

Rebuild Nepal Education Foundation

Nonprofit Organization


Rebuild Nepal Education Foundation is an group of generous people that go down to Nepal and help children achieve education. They initially started this foundation after the devastating earthquake they had back in 2015.  They have helped countless children and they also write to them with a pen pal program. My job was to create a logo and website that represented what they do, and the colors of Nepal. With the help of Akira Allen, We built the website on OctoberCMS. We originally ported it away from Squarespace. 


Affinity Designer
Vector Design Tool
Web Framework
Bootstrap Studio
Web Design Tool
Content Management System


To create a logo & website that reflected the cause of the foundation, whilst keeping things super simple. 


I designed the logo in Affinity Designer after going through some initial inspiration from the photos they sent me. Afterwards, I designed the website in Affinity Designer as well. Once that was finalized, I recreated the design in Bootstrap Studio and gave the code to Akira Allen to finish up the website in OctoberCMS

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